Vzug Australia

Vzug Australia

I have photographed many Vzug products, a recipe book and website recipes, events and launches over the past  6 years. A valued client with amazing, innovative products.


Planet: Carbon-neutral production since 2020

In our role as a manufacturing company, we can have double the influence on our environment: We develop appliances with the aim of making them as efficient as possible to use, and we produce them as resource-efficiently and with as few emissions as possible. One example is our approach to CO2 emissions, for which our mantra is prevent – reduce – offset. To this end, we work with an internal CO2levy, which allows us to continuously finance projects that support this goal and offset any remaining emissions. Our production has now been CO2 neutral since 2020.

Design: Where the cycle begins

For us, a sustainable product begins with its development. It is at this early stage that we can have the most influence on its ‘lifelong’ sustainability. We focus on elements including the durability and repairability of the appliances, low energy and water consumption in use, and a modular design. This enables us, for example, to make pre-installed devices ‘smart’ and network them retrospectively.
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