Yes! That’s me, totally absorbed in the centre of an art installation at the recent Ballarat Foto Bienalle.

Surrounding myself with creativity makes me happy, the same feeling I have when the images I create for my clients makes them happy!

Why Skill, Style and Standout? Firstly, I have over 20 years experience in photography and consider myself highly skilled. Style works together with skill and has given me the ability to produce images for many various clients, in both studio and location settings. Standout – I’m a perfectionist and pride myself on my work and knowledge of the industry having worked in advertising prior to becoming a photographer.

I welcome clients with sustainable products and services. I think we all have a part to play in creating an environment that we can all live. The earth is fragile and changing we need to protect and nurture it.

Credit to Leng Santos for taking this sneaky pic of me!

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